Past Trainee Comments

Hi Neville, 

Just a quick note from Germany to say thank you so so so much for your fantastic training last November! I left the course, knowing I could do
it - but feeling very very nervous about doing it on my own. However, I've thrown myself in to it ... and all is going brilliantly!

I have my salon at home ... fully equipped - it's like a mini Chadkirk Grooming Salon! It's lovely. I am now doing brilliantly having
cornered the American and some of the German market around here. I'm doing on average - 7 dogs per week ranging from Westies to Yorkies to
Retrievers to Bearded Collies to Old English to Schnauzers .... and loads of mini mixed breeds! ..... I've even done a FULL clip on a
Poodle and, even managed to get the little trousers with toes peeping out looking great! I am absolutely loving it and, the training and
equipment are slowly but surely being covered cost wise. Truly - the best move I ever made coming to you for training! Thank you. You
covered areas that people here are amazed about ... Baby shampoo for the face being just one simple but effective and well appreciated tip!

Many thanks again Neville ... You're a star!

Best wishes to all ...
Sally Main


"Neville, Thank you so much for your excellent teaching skills during my dog grooming training. Learning with you was not only informative but fun aswell. I looked forward to the classes everyday.

Your help and guidance has given me a great start in my new business and I have had a lot of positive feedback about the quality of my grooming. I left the course feeling like I had not only a mentor, but a friend aswell.

It is reassuring that you are always availble with advice and support when I need it.

Thank you"

Hayley Glennon



"I would just like to say thank you for your training and support. I found your course enjoyable and informative and I graduated with the confidence I need to set up my own business. The dog grooming business is very much word of mouth and examples of your work are walking around on four legs for everyone to see! Your training has enabled me to build a solid client base that keep returning and recommending me.
Your ongoing support is valuable to me and I know that you are always there at the end of the phone if I experience a problem pooch. 
You’re a legend and a friend"

Sam Compton


Just a note to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU for everything that you have taught me.  I knew from the moment that I first spoke to Sue and yoursef that it was going to be the right decision to train with you.

Alison Corcoran


Neville, Thanks so much.  Really appreciate your patience and invaluable advice on starting up on my own.  Hope one day I can do you justice, you have been a fantastic teacher.  Thank you.

Dawn Hutchinson


I can't thank you enough for all your efforts during the last three weeks.  I have learned so much from you and on finishing I felt confident that I was ready to go out into the big wide world of dog grooming.  You have a fantastic way of putting things across that have made everything easy to understand and I never finished a day thinking that I wasn't sure about something. I have already got a few clients and they have all said how wonderful their dogs look!  Thanks again and I will keep you informed of my progress. 

Lucy Taylor