Do you have a Model Dog?

Chadkirk Groomer Training will be looking to recruit suitable dogs to model for the students and these dogs will be groomed regularly at a highly discounted rate. The dogs must be of the correct temperament, and  so during an initial groom they could be assessed for suitability. 

All training takes place under the full supervision of a professional trainer, on a one to one basis and thus a professional finish is always ensured.

Dogs of all breeds will be required, from bath and brush to full clip breeds.

We are always looking for the following breeds in particular,


Shih Tzu

West Highland White Terriers

Poodles (all sizes)

Bichon Frise

Lhasa Apso

Should you be interested in your dog being considered for use as a model then please call us to arrange a consultation.  Alternatively should you wish to contact us via email then please use the link on our contact page.

Tel: 0161 427 9802 or 07725 577184